What is LiiK.US?

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Welcome to LiiK.US ! Be the first to know when we go live, Text LiiK to 82888 (upper/lower case does not matter)

The concept is simple, "YOUR Mobile-device, YOUR Content!"

What does this mean? It means that you don't take your computer with you everywhere you go, but more than likely, you DO have your mobile device. So this is where your coupons are!

When you subscribe to a Vendor, you authorize them to send you coupons, offers, alerts, etc. However, you should also be able to personalize the frequency of these messages. LiiK.US is YOUR portal to manage these settings for Vendors that use our system.

Simply register your device here, and your LiiK.US-connected vendors will display, and you can easily change your preferences.

We have a strict NO-SPAM policy, so YOU control which messages you allow, YOU control how frequently, and YOU can stop them whenever you want! Going out of town and don't want your home-based messages? Let us know! Want to see similar offers when you are out-of-town, just ask us (these features coming soon).